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The Ecstasy of Medi[t]ation explores the diverse interrelations between the current nomadic life in public transportation and the constant contamination with the mobile phone. Through the whole work, the sound of electro-magnetic radiation of a mobile phone is used to inscribe the intimate, contagious, and also meditative nature of the mobile phone utilisation in our lives.

The Ecstasy of Medi[t]ation also draws inspiration from two texts. One of them is “The Ecstasy of Communication” (1987) by Jean Baudrillard. He discusses the contemporary loss of public space that overlaps with the constant loss of private space. Baudrillard states that “[t]he most intimate processes of our life become the virtual feeding ground of the media.” This insight is investigated in the work through the interaction between the tactile sounds and the constantly mutating radiation flow that creates a certain digital epidermis for both the protagonist and the listener of the work. In a way, this digital epidermis is the joint skin that oscillates between the radio listener and the sounding events in the work. Additionally, some features in the sound processing in this work treat the radio as a fragile and organic surface, as a visceral mediatisation of the intimate memories, dreams, thoughts and unconsciousness of humans.

The other inspiring text is Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto” (1991), and particularly its’ chart of dichotomies in the context of “the informatics of domination.” Instead of essential properties, Haraway suggests to think the dichotomies “in terms of design, boundary constrains, rates of flows, system logics, costs of lowering constrains.” The simultaneously spoken dichotomies emanate within the transforming spaces/states of the audible presents/pasts.

The Ecstasy of Medi[t]ation was chosen to the Prix Phonurgia Nova 2013 listening seances.



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