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Tag Archives: Sound work

Sound work My Most Intimate Diary initiated from curiosity to own consuming habits.  For two weeks I collected all the receipts of my purchases, and I found that I mostly buy food. On the receipts, as organised in strict lines and expressed through diverse measure units, the everyday food items started to seem as crucial evidences of the choices that deeply resonate to various ethical, economical, social and embodied motives.

So I recorded my reading of those receipts. 

In addition to that, the sound material of the work consists of the electromagnetic radiation sounds of fridge and cell phone.   Since getting the special microphone that records the electromagnetic radiation from my colleague, I’ve been immersed into the mesmerizing buzz(es) of the diverse domestic machines.

Repetition (towards the very numb tautology), swirling, and the shape of the circuit seemed obvious in My Most Intimate Diary.  The histories of our consuming, and our existence through consuming, the making of endless choices, are inscribed (besides the receipts) into the curves of our data bodies and the folds of virtual databases. Our consuming vibrates as electromagnetic radiation.