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3T(ouch). 2012.
A film by Ville Raitio (camera) & Taina Riikonen (sound). Alternative Design Capital (ADC), Gallery Alkovi, August 2012, Helsinki.

Breathing into Tubes. 2011.
A film by Elina Saloranta (camera) and Taina Riikonen (sound). On experimenting the ventilation tubes at the neonatal intensive care unit in the University Hospital Helsinki. First performance on 10th September 2011, Helsinki.

Radio works
The Ecstasy of Medi[t]ation. 2013.
A radio work on diverse interrelations between the current nomadic life in public transportation and the constant contamination with the mobile phone. Through the work, the sound of electro-magnetic radiation of a mobile phone is used to inscribe the intimate, contagious, and also meditative nature of the mobile phone utilisation in our lives.

INK(ED).Ihoon kaiverrettua. Ajatuksia, tekoja, värähtelyitä [Thoughts-Deeds-Vibrations] 2013.
Experimental radiophonic sound work by Aero Ionian Risk (collaboration with Antti Sakari Saario). Commiossioned by Finnish Radio Broadcasting Company (YLE). Broadcast 4th October 2013 in Ääniversumi program.

Skinscape(s). 2013.
An aural-tactile close-up on the intimacy of tattooing, on the contagious warmth of the skin, on the pain/pleasure continuum, and on the immersive touch of sound/sound of touch. Museruole. Women in Experimental Music, a festival dedicated to experimental music, 5th June, 2013.

An Ethereal Urge. 2012.
A radio work on the fragile emerging of love between a newborn child and a mother through the sounds of neonatal ventilation machines, ventilation tubes, and of newborn breathing and breastfeeding sounds.

Sounds from the Bomb Shelter. 2011.
A radiophonic work of three hours, exploring the sonic traces of the Experimental Studio of the Finnish Radio Broadcasting Company. The first collaborative project of the Radio in the Head group. Broadcasted at Summer 2011 in Ääniversumi program.

Sound Installations
Every Breath You Take(h). 2013.
Sound work on embodied, social and cultural meanings of breath in the contexts of birth, love and the fragility of life. Sound material of the work consists of sounds of neonatal ventilation machines, and the voices that read pop song lyrics. X Valtakunnallinen näyttely: Ihmiskokemus. Heinäkuu 2013. Galleria Valomo, Kokemäki.

My Most Intimate Diary. 2013.
Sound work on consuming habits, repetition, and everyday choices with their various ethical, economic and social motives. Gallery urbanstory fitting room, May 2013, Helsinki.

Sounding Kiseleff Shopping Centre. December 2012.
Soundscape commissioned by the city of Helsinki. In collaboration with Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd.

Baltic Sea Soundscapes@Urbanstory, Design Weekend Events, Helsinki, Finland. February 2012.
Soundscapes for Baltic Sea Run, composed of the processed sounds of the Baltic Sea.

Urbanstory@Torni Hotel Outdoor Space, 8.12.2011-31.3.2012, Helsinki, Finland.
Sound installation for an ecological winter terrace.

Aero Ionian Risk plays Nudge. April 2011, Helsinki, Finland.
Critical and ecological sound installation on consuming and self-branding industries, composed and realized by Aero Ionian Risk (Taina Riikonen & Antti Sakari Saario). In collaboration with Genelec Loudspeakers and Humac.

Sound design for commercial and business contexts
Nordic Happiness.
Sound design for relaxation and mindfulness meditation audio, released in iTunes Store in June 2013, produced by NordicZen Oy.

Touch of Scandinavia.
Sound design for relaxation and mindfulness meditation audio, released in iTunes Store in February 2013, produced by NordicZen Oy.

Sound design for CityNomadi, a map application for mobile phone. 2012.

Sound performances
ArtWheels@Mobile Art. Slowbiking at Kasarmitori, Night of Arts, 16.8.2012, Helsinki.
Sound improvisation with a bicycle in a Slow Biking Contest.

Visceral Logic Romances with the Facts and Fictions of the Conceptual Machine, Arkadia Bookshop, 22.12.2011, Helsinki.
A mixed media improvisation with Antti Sakari Saario. Inter-visceral recorded sounds, live vocal improvisation, machine sounds (paper shredder, tattoo machine etc.).

Nomadic Breathing Through Objects and Movements, 15.3.2011, Helsinki.
Improvising with drone tube and acrobat. (Senja Korkkula, acrobat; Kai Lassfolk, sound diffusion.)

Breathing, Flute and Distance: The Spatio-Sexual Construction of the Flautist and Her Lips.
Paper/performance/intervention/demo on the reconstruction of the flautist identities, Sexuate Subjects Symposium, 5.12. 2010, London, UK.


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